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With over 25 years' experience in Human Resources / Organizational Development, I've reviewed tens of thousands of resumes.  Sitting on the side of the recruiter, I can tell you what works and what doesn't.  As an executive, business owner and past board member, I can tell you what managers look for in a resume from that side of the desk as well.  We'll work together to create a compelling resume that is a showcase for your strengths.  We'll develop a powerful cover letter that speaks directly to your next employer. To add a second or subsequent resume to any purchased package is $125.00 per added resume.

Cover Letters

A cover letter has only one purpose - to entice the employer to read your resume.

As an introductory communication, the cover letter is written as though you are speaking directly to the other person. It is intentionally less formal in tone to convey genuine excitement for the opportunity.  Informal doesn't mean unprofessional.  It still needs to be well organized, error free and presented with the same look and feel of your resume. 

The cover letter needs to ignite just enough interest for the reader to want to learn more about you.  In my experience, this is where things usually go terribly awry.  We imagine that our problem is their problem.  It's not!  Your problem is that you are unemployed.  Their problem is an unfilled job.  If I tell them how great I am, surely they'll be interested, right?  Wrong!  The employer cares about ONLY one thing - solving THEIR problem.  If you accept that the unfilled job IS the problem, it is easier to understand that the only way to create interest is to clearly position yourself as the solution. 

Your cover letter needs to be tailored to every opportunity.  So instead of giving you one cover letter, I'll offer you a template that you can customize to the situation.  You'll learn how to quickly research a company to get a sense of their situation and how to identify their needs from the information provided in the job posting.  From there, I'll teach you how to connect the dots between their requirements and your talents, traits and experience so you will be able to write a compelling cover letter in the future.    

Social Media Profile

At least 75% of recruiters and hiring managers use social media to screen applicants.  Employers are looking at your online profile before deciding to call you.  Your social media profile is an integral part of your personal brand. 

If you don't have a profile, I'll help you write one in support of your search strategy.  You have an interesting story; I'll help you tell it in a way that highlights your talent and expertise.   If you already have a profile, I'll critique it with an employer's eye.  We'll review dos and don'ts and make the changes you need to get noticed.   

Search Strategy Design

Your search, like any business venture, needs to be built upon a solid strategy.  Even more important than what you are going to do, strategy helps inform what you are NOT going to do.  Laser focused, with a clear objective in mind, we'll devise a practical, actionable plan to get you there.  You'll learn about different search sources and where you should invest your time for maximum return on investment.             

Available for speaking engagements, job readiness workshops and seminars.  Some of the topics covered are listed below.  Have a search related topic in mind that you don't see on the list?  Just ask! 

    • Networking & The Job Search
    • Networking 101
    • Social Media & The Job Search
    • LinkedIn 101
    • LinkedIn @ The Next Level
    • Research for the Job Search
    • Tapping into the Hidden Job Market
    • Step-by-step Guide to Planning & Executing a Targeted Campaign
    • Resume Writing 101
    • Resume Writing Hands On Workshop
    • Cover Letter Writing 101
    • Cover Letter Writing Hands On Workshop
    • Image & Self Projection - Interview Attire Basics
    • Interview Skills Workshop
    • In Transition Time Management
    • How to Get the Most out of a Career Fair