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My dream job is to help you get your dream job!


From entry level to executive, you'll get the personalized tools you need to succeed.  Whether you're a veteran transitioning,  making a comeback into the workforce, or maybe looking to go out on your own, I'll offer you the career coaching you need in today's job market.

You know where you are -- it's just not where you want to be.  I will help you get there.  Find out more About Us, then look at our Services to make your possibilities a reality. 



This is why I Love what I Do (More on Testimonial Page):  

"Hi Joanne! I have to THANK YOU so much.  I have been in ----- for about 2 and ½ weeks. Two days ago I saw a job fair for a Hospital in ---------.  I thought- "what the heck" went to the job fair expecting booths and flyers.  It was much more organized. I filled out a form and gave them a copy of my (your) resume...... I was briefly interviewed by a human resources person who looked at my resume.  I was honest and told them that I was here now to visit family but that we were looking to relocate, not today, but in the near future to..... .  I was asked to come back after lunch.  I came back and met the second human resources person who walked me to over to the telemetry unit - asked me to have a seat- and then brought out a manager who interviewed me. We had a very nursing conversation. I felt comfortable and relaxed.  She kept my paper resume and walked me back to the recruiter (the complex is bigger than any place I have ever seen).  The recruiter came to me and said that there would be a job for me at ………..hospital in either management or education.  He gave me his card, as did the manager and they asked me to formally post my resume online.  This did not happen to anyone else at the job fair.  You are the best !! S."

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